Provincial Government of West-Flanders

The provincial governement of West-Flanders organises education (through a provincial secondary school and an Centre for Adult Education) and supports provincial education policies and initiatives especially in the field of technical and vocational education and lifelong learning.

Role in the project:

The provincial government has a strategic role in the project.

Department of Education an Training

The Department Education and Training is part of the Flemish government and is responsible for policy support to the Minister of Education and Training.

Role in the project:

  • Coordination of the project internationally together with the International Project Management Team 
  • Final responsibility on project management
  • lead the project implementation (field trials and evaluation) in Flanders, coordinate the implementation of field trials with local partners and evaluation partner
  • Financial and Administrative support of the project: budget and administration support to partners; following up on implementation in respect of the procedures of the Grant Agreement

Learning Shop West Flanders (Leerwinkel West-Vlaanderen)

Under the authority of the Provincial government of West-Flanders, guidance services will be impelemented by de Leerwinkel. De Leerwinkel provides independent educational guidance services to adults in the province of West-Flanders.

Role in the project:

Responsible for carrying out field trials in the province of West-Flanders

The Step (De Stap, Gent)

Topunt vzw is a collaboration initiative of different Centers for Student Guidance to provide independent guidance and counselling services to adults, called ‘the Stap’ (the Step).

Role in the project:

Responsible for carrying out field trials in the city of Ghent: