Department of Education an Training

The Department Education and Training is part of the Flemish government and is responsible for policy support to the Minister of Education and Training.

Role in the project:

  • Coordination of the project internationally together with the International Project Management Team 
  • Final responsibility on project management
  • lead the project implementation (field trials and evaluation) in Flanders, coordinate the implementation of field trials with local partners and evaluation partner
  • Financial and Administrative support of the project: budget and administration support to partners; following up on implementation in respect of the procedures of the Grant Agreement

The mission of the Department of Education and Training is to enable quality education and training for all, in collaboration with all agencies within the policy area of Education and Training and different actors and stakeholders. By doing this we aim to guarantee that everyone in society has the chance to develop to their full potential, now and in the future, and to facilitate sustainable development in society and to contribute to social cohesion.

The Department of Education and Training is doing this by formulating policy proposals, data-analysis, knowledge and information management, scientific research and policy evaluation (regional and international), developing concepts and draft legislation, providing advice related to the current and future policy and legislation, monitoring and evaluation of policy and legislation. Interaction and dialogue with the field is being used in all these aspects as well as clear and target group focused communication about policy.

The Higher Education and Adult Education Unit under the Department of Education and Training will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project. This unit is responsible for policy preparation and policy evaluation in the field of higher education and adult education in Flanders. The unit is developing regulation and drafts decrees related to higher education and adult education, organisation of education, quality assurance, internationalisations, student provisions and financial structures and procedures. The team of adult education is specifically responsible for all this in relation to Basic Adult Education, Secondary Adult education (including second chance education for secondary education degrees, VET, liberal adult education), Higher Vocational Education and teacher training courses offered by centres for adult education. The team also supports policies related to other structures and institutions for adult education such as the Consortia for adult education (including educational guidance), institutions that support Professional Development of teachers, ... Furthermore the team takes the responsibility for networking and interacting with stakeholders within formal adult education and all actors related to adult education (formal and non-formal). Based on policy evaluation the policy advisors of the team Adult Education are constantly identifying specific needs to improve legislation and policy in order to reach the most vulnerable adults in society, mostly in need of education. Developing and promoting a systematic system of adult guidance is part of this.

In the previous governmental term a draft decree on Educational Guidance and Orientation had been prepared by the Adult Education team and discussed with partners and
stakeholders. There were still some pending issues on financial structures and personnel matters. However, the decree hadn't been approved on political level and will therefore be topic of discussion again with the new Flemish government. The team for Adult Education of the Department of Education and Training is responsible to bring that decree back on the negotiation table and discuss it with all involved stakeholders and the government.