Provincial Government of West-Flanders

The provincial governement of West-Flanders organises education (through a provincial secondary school and an Centre for Adult Education) and supports provincial education policies and initiatives especially in the field of technical and vocational education and lifelong learning.

Role in the project:

The provincial government has a strategic role in the project.

Guidance services to low educated adults fits within the policy strategy of the Province. Furthermore the provincial governement is presiding the management board of 'de Leerwinkel', educational guidance provider for adults in West-Flanders.

The provincial government of West-Flanders is organizing technical secondary education and adult education in the province of West-Flanders with specific study domains which gives the provincial educational institutes a unique profile. Within the next years the provincial educational institutes will reform training programmes within the garment sector by better support, promotion, collaboration with companies and other initiatives.

Beside the investment in the provincial educational institutes, the provincial government is also responsible for the implementation of a local education policy in taking into account the diversity of policy inititiatives from Flemish and municipality level. The provincial government aims to coordinate provincial policy initiatives and be complementary to existing initiatives at Flemish and local level. The provincial policy initiatives focus on secondary education with a specific focus on technical and vocational education, and initiatives for lifelong learning. In the next years the province aims to coordinate the existing inititiaves with all stakeholders, support and promote them.