Learning Shop West Flanders (Leerwinkel West-Vlaanderen)

Under the authority of the Provincial government of West-Flanders, guidance services will be impelemented by de Leerwinkel. De Leerwinkel provides independent educational guidance services to adults in the province of West-Flanders.

Role in the project:

Responsible for carrying out field trials in the province of West-Flanders

  • coordination of the field trials, setting up and maintaining a network of stakeholders to reach specific target groups,
  • providing information
  • develop tools and methods for guidance, guidance and counselling to low skilled adults,
  • develop a competence profile of counsellors,
  • organise and carry out outreach guidance sessions,
  • exchange of good practices and expertise with Topunt (Gent), provide input for exchange of good practices internationally,
  • provide input for evaluation and support local and international evaluation team.

The ‘Learning Shop’ (Leerwinkel) in West-Flanders has started as an impartial and professional educational guidance service for adults to help them find their way in the very diverse offer of adult education. This way the Learning Shop tries to make adult education accessible and  transparent for each social group in the society.

With this project the provincial Government wants to optimize the existing adult educational guidance service in order to reach and to guide lower educated adults. With the learning shops they already have a good framework, but they want to know possible pitfalls and thresholds in delivering educational guidance to this particular group. Furthermore collaboration structures will have to be identified to integrate the service in the existing education policy of the provincial government.