Successfull end-of-project with GOAL closing conference

The GOAL closing Conference 'Guidance and Counselling for low educated adults: from practice to policy' took place in the Egmont Palace, Brussels on 17 and 18 January 2018.

Read the full narrative report of the conference, including summaries and slides of the guest presentations, key findings from the GOAL evaluation and reports from the parallel sessions.

2018 01 17 GOAL 50 1On the 17th of January the GOAL project team welcomed about 90 participants from all over Europe for its 2-day closing Conference. This conference presented the cross-country findings of the GOAL project. Policy makers and practitioners across Europe discovered the lessons learnt from the GOAL project and discussed the policy recommendations that emerged from the experimentation.

During the event international key note speakers provided a useful framework based on reasearch and policy to strenghten the messages of the GOAL project, such as Dirk Van Damme (OECD), Dana Bachmann (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the EC), Ellen Boeren from the University of Edinburgh, Raimo Vuorinen (Lifelong Guidance Research team, Finnish Institute for Educational Research and former coordinator of the ELGPN-network) and John Holford (University of Nottingham and coordinator of the Horizon 2020 research project, ENLIVEN).

Project GOAL National Conferences

In December 2017 and January 2018, the different partner countries of project GOAL organised national conferences to present the project findings for their country to national policy makers, stakeholders and practitioners.

Short reports and pictures from the national events can be found on the pages below:

Seminar 'the tailor-made approach': Lifelong Learning stays relevant

On June 7, Learning Shop (De Leerwinkel) West-Flanders organised a seminar for local stakeholders in the province of West-Flanders. The seminar provided a complete view of the activities of the Learning Shop, with a focus on the realisations under the GOAL project.

The seminar was a mix of plenary presentations and workshops. Jeroen Backs, head of the section Strategic Policy Support from the Ministry of Education, focused on the importance of Lifelong Learning and guidance in European perspective. To many participants his presentation was an eye-opener on the urgency for Flemish policy makers to prioritise Lifelong Learning and Adult Guidance in Flemish education policy.

Different aspects of educational guidance were explored in 5 workshops: clients, guidance and learning pathways, educational landscape, tools and recognizing talents and competences.

Both presentations and workshops brought forward 5 conclusions and recommendations:
1) Focus on Lifelong Learning stays relevant
2) Educational guidance is the key to Lifelong Learning
3) The adult learner takes the lead
4) ‘Tailor made’ doesn’t mean ‘chaos’
5) Work remains to be done!

studiedag13 image 21

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Kick Off Flanders 11 May 2015

The 11th of May the project in Flanders has been offcially launched. After an introduction of Koen Pelleriaux, General Director of the Department of Education and Training, Martina Ní-Cheallaigh of the European Commission (DG Employment) informed the public on the European Agenda for Adult Learning and the Key Role of Guidance in Europe. A presentation by Gunter Gehre, lecturer at the Univiersity College Leuven-Limburg and at a Center for Adult Education has, demonstrated the importance of networks for stimulating adult learning.

After an extensive project presentation by the project coordinator Nadia Reynders and the strategic advisor Liesbet Vermandere, the event was closed by the Flemish minister of Education and Training. She strenghtened the importance of a reform of formal adult education in Flanders

Below you will find the presentations of the Kick-Off event.

Presentation 1: Martina Ni-Cheallaigh 'Importance of Guidance in underpinning education and training policies'

Presentation 2: Gunter Gehre (UCLL) 'Networks are stimulating adult learning' (Dutch)

Presentation 3: Nadia Reynders and Liesbet Vermandere (Department of Education and Training) 'presentation Project GOAL' (Dutch)

DSC 0518 DSC 0559

Koen Pelleriaux, General Director,
Department of Education

    Hilde Crevits, Minister of Education and Training

DSC 0537

DSC 0592

Liesbet Vermandere and Nadia Reynders,
Department of Education