Slovenian Institute for Adult Education

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 1991. It’s the main national institution for adult education in Slovenia. Its mission is to foster the development of a culture of lifelong learning and education in Slovenia by research, development, counselling and educational activities all supported by an adult education information system.

Role in the project:

SIAE is responsible for implementation of the field trials in selected guidance centers for adults. It will carry on development, monitoring and evaluation.

  • development of a model of »one-stop« guidance point in 2 selected regional guidance centers
  • development of common professional materials and tools for selected target groups in guidance centers
  • upgrading the competence profile of the counsellors
  • preparation and implementation of training program for involved staff (together with IRSVET)
  • preparation and implementation of the documentation for monitoring and evaluation (together with IRSVET).

Areas of work: research of the concept, strategies and changes of adult education system in Slovenia and other countries, adult literacy and participation in education, non-formal and informal adult education, evaluation and quality, information and guidance in adult education, the development of curriculum theory and practice in adult education, continuing training of adult educators, international co-operation and research, promoting activities in adult education.

From 2001 SIAE developed a network of 14 guidance centres for adults in education. The main objectives are:

  1. free access to guidance and education for adults
  2. quality guidance services for education and learning
  3. information and guidance activities contribute effectively to participation of adults in lifelong learning and have successful results

In recent years, the IGAE centres pay special attention to vulnerable groups of adults and they developed different approaches and tools to increase access to guidance and education for different groups of adults, especially for the low-educated and low-skilled, older adults, the unemployed and employed, for immigrants, prisoners and others. In the 14 guidance centres around 20.000 different information and counselling sessions per year (for individuals and for groups) are identified, with around 40 counsellors employed full or part time.

Nevertheless we have to upgrade the guidance work of our 14 guidance centres so the involvement in the GOAL project is important for us regarding the following:

  • Specific vulnerable groups of adults are not reached by current guidance activities: in particular the less educated (less than 4-year of secondary school), in particular the unemployed and older workers, immigrants and adults who are long term unemployed and socially excluded
  • In recent years Slovenia has been faced with a decline of the percentage of adults involved in education and training, especially in the groups of low educated, low-skilled and older adults
  • As other countries, despite of increase of the life-time and working-life of adults and older adults, they are still insufficiently involved in education and training
  • Appropriate approaches (professional and promotional) in order to reach less educated and less motivated adults more effectively has not sufficiently been developed
  • Developed tools / instruments for guidance work for specific vulnerable target groups of adults as they are currently not available
  • Partnerships for working with specific target groups are not sufficiently effective and are not professionally strong enough
  • The scope of recognition and validation of prior learning is still not recognized enough among adults from vulnerable groups (we have to develop new and different promotional approaches)
  • There is lack of professional training opportunities for this work