Testimonials from clients, counsellors and partner organisations on www.adultguidance.eu

During the lifespan of the project many additional testimonials were collected, not only from GOAL clients but also from counsellors working on the project and partners from referring organisations. All videos are collected on www.adultguidance.eu (scroll to the bottom of the page).

You can find a sneak peek below, with a video where GOAL counsellors from Flanders explain why it is essential that the guidance service exists.


Client testimonials from the GOAL project

Why do clients enter educational guidance? And how do they experience the educational guidance received under the GOAL project? We asked some clients to share their stories.

Magalie, 21 years old, received educational guidance from De Stap in Ghent: 


Andrea, 25 years old, received educational guidance from De Leerwinkel in the province of West-Flanders